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At a time when instant gratification has become almost a national past time, gamblers have become bored with the p[lain old bets of picking a winner in a football game. These days, celebrity and entertainment gambling has become almost as popular as betting on sports.

With all gambling, timing and intuition are mixed with research to come up with the best possible bet. In the case of celebrity proposition betting, instinct has just as much to do with winning and losing as any other facet of placing the wager.

Online sports books have been offering betting odds on which model would win the cover for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for 2011. Brooklyn Decker was considered a front runner for the cover, even though Decker had appeared on the cover before. In the end, it was a connection between sports and entertainment that won out.

International soccer star Cristiano Rinaldo has made gamblers a fortune over the years playing the world’s most bet on sport. Now, it is Rinaldo’s girlfriend that is making money for the bettors. Irina Shayk is the cover girl for the 2011 swimsuit issue.

Sports books have been offering betting odds on reality television shows, possible next girlfriends or boyfriends of celebrities, and even which celebs will end up in rehab next. There are prop bets for almost every possible scenario, including baby names for expectant celebrities and which political figures will be having an affair.

Shayk is no stranger to the swimsuit issue. This will be the fifth time that the twenty-five year old has been featured in the magazine, but only the first time she will be on the cover. The cover model was revealed on The Late Show With David Letterman.